What is it?

Body contouring surgery covers a series of different body contouring techniques applied by our cosmetic surgeons in order to reshape almost every part of the body. Excessive lipidosis and deterioration in body shape structure can be removed affectively thanks to body contouring surgery.

Arm Lifting

Brachioplasty generally called as an arm lifting operation is a procedure used to tidy the excessive area on upper arm. Arms lose their elasticity generally due to natural aging or fast weight loss. Arm lifting operation tightens and adjusts the upper arms; to bring back their old form. Our patients with excessive fat on their arms can choose if they wish to have liposuction application together with this operation in order to obtain more effective results. It is seen that many patients who are afraid of wearing sleeveless clothes or raising their arms above their heads have a higher self-confidence after this procedure.

Bicep implants are used to define the muscles and create volume increase in patient’s arms. These implants can be useful both for men and women who cannot achieve the arm size they wish even after intensive body building. Biceps implants does not only improve the appearance of the arms, but also make all of the upper body look better and more proportionals.


Upper Body Lifting

Patients with excessive fat or droopy skin in many areas of the body can make use of more inclusive, larger-scale upper body lifting procedures. More inclusive upper body lifting procedures can target all body (full body lifting power) or certain areas (upper, middle or lower body lifting). Full upper body lifting is useful for patients who have lost skin elasticity in all parts of their body. Although this procedure is an operation which requires complex surgical processes and a long recovery period, our doctors can achieve very successful results with this treatment. Full upper body lifting covers a patient’s every part of the body such as arms, breasts, thighs, hips and abdomen, when the patient frequently has the problem of excessive fat and skin.

Thigh Lifting

Thigh lifting operation, also called “Brazilian thigh lifting surgery”, is a plastic surgery technique becoming more and more common in order to strengthen and augment the patients’ thighs. Like other body lifting operations, the thigh lifting operation is useful for clearing excessive skin while tightening the skin. In thigh lifting surgery, thighs of the patient are developed making use of purified fat cells from any part of the body. Patients obtain a more voluminous and tightened thigh using their own tissues and without need to use thigh implants. Thigh lifting surgery gives longer lasting, beautiful results for the patients, and is both a safe and an effective intervention. Many patients who have undergone thigh lifting surgery say that their self-confidence increased after the procedure.

Thigh implant procedure includes the placement of implant in the thigh area in order to raise thigh form, size and appearance. These implants are used to generate curves and distinction for both women and men. While some patients think the shape of their thighs is insignificant, others wish to have a more sensual thigh making it more voluminous or wider.


Calf Implants

Calf augmentation procedure is done by placing an implant in the calf area and is a perfect choice for patients who are not happy with the shape or size of their calf muscles. Most often men, and some women, decide to have calf augmentation due to a range of different reasons. Women generally look for improvement in balance and proportion, whereas men prefer having their muscles improved for exposure.

Breast Muscle Implants

Breast muscle implants are a perfect choice for men who want to shape or develop their breasts and who have not been able to achieve the breast look they desire despite doing frequent exercises. Breast muscle implants shape, augment and reinforce breast muscles. Pectoral upper body implants give a natural feeling and appearance while helping the patients obtain the look they wish to have.


Femoral Lifting

Femoral extraction, or femoral lifting, is a popular cosmetic surgical choice for patients who would like to have stronger and more attractive upper legs. Like other body lifting operations, it helps to adjust the femoral area, and tighten excessive, loose, or droopy skin. There are a couple of different femoral lifting procedures which can be done depending on the patient’s individual needs and goals. Surgeons can make use of bilateral, medial or inner thigh lifters in order to extract the excessive skin safely. It is recommended that the femoral lifting operation is applied together with liposuction surgery in order to give the best results.

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