What Can Be Done?

Our experienced and specially educated plastic surgeons can help you with the following in order to be able to form a more balanced facial profile:

  • Reshaping your nose (Rhinoplasty)
  • Repairing a deviated septum (area)
  • Fixing of droopy eyelids (Blepharoplasty or Canthoplasty for eyelid ptosis)
  • Raising heavy and droopy eyebrows (surgery of eyebrow lifting or upper face lifting)
  • Developing your smile and shape of your mouth (augmentation of lips or face lifting with injection materials, reducing wrinkles)
  • Fixing neck, chin and jowl level (face lifting, neck lifting, chin augmentation with injectable fillings)
  • Improving the appearance of your ears (Autoplasty or Earlobe Repair).


Thanks to advances in plastic surgery methods and cosmetic skin surface renewal procedures, you can obtain a very natural looking facial surgery result with the best plastic surgeons in our clinic.

Our face rejuvenation experts who are leaders of the sector can help you acquire an elegant, balanced and long-lasting rejuvenating face result.

In addition, our expert team who has rendered service in national and international areas can help you purify your skin, remove wrinkles and reduce hyper-pigmentation caused by sun.

If you have under eye bags, eyelids and eyes which you would like to rejuvenate, you have to see one of our top level surgeons in our clinic.

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