What is it?

Fat injection is the transfer of the patient’s own fat to other areas on the body. It can be applied to the face in order to minimize wrinkles, or to the lips or penis. In some cases, it may be undesirable to apply for breast augmentation, because this application can result in false-negative test results, preventing diagnosis of early breast cancer.

Fat injection, also called as autologous fat transfer, is a new body reconstruction technique. For the fat injection, fat tissue is taken from other parts of your body by liposuction (generally your femurs, abdomen and thighs). These tissues are then processed into liquid and injected to the area to reform where it is applied.


In recent years, another fat graft form named as lipo-filling is used for comparing small differences in shape, balance or location of the re-structured area with other areas. Since this application has been successful, doctors think they can reconstruct all areas by using fat.

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