What is it?

This method is applying soft tissue skin fillers in order to enhance beauty and attractiveness. Filler is a natural material which is biologically compatible with human body.

It provides a natural beauty and there is no disintegration, sterile inflammation, formation of solid fibrous capsule or gel migration. Results on facial areas usually last more than three years. In case of breast augmentation, the results lasts more than five years. It does not create any complications due to its structure; it disintegrates slowly which ensures high safety and a long-lasting effect.



It is a very elastic gel which can be applied with fine needles, and if the facial area is in question, any preliminary anesthesia to the injection area is not required. The gel easily flows into the skin and the procedure is almost painless. It is an intervention which does not require surgical procedure and is used for solving different aesthetical problems in cosmetology and contour plastics (softening of wrinkles, voluminous filling, breast enlargement).

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