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Estetoria is an almost 10-year-old company which was founded in Istanbul. It was established by doctors who have acquired many successes in different areas in relation to hair transplant and plastic surgery. The company does not compromise on ethical rules, and we work in a patient-oriented manner. The company has many agencies in and outside of Turkey, compatible with international quality standards.


Our mission is to render patient-oriented services, be a worldwide consultant for the sector, bring novelties to the sector, adopt advanced technology and innovative approaches and work without compromising on ethical rules.


Our vision is to become a health institution acting as a leader and consultant to the sector in the whole world, Turkey being in the first place, by ensuring continuity in our achieved goals.

Let us know more about Dr. Ahmet Genc?

I was born on September 17, 1985 in Isparta. I finished my primary and secondary studies in Isparta. I finished high school in Burdur and university in Ankara. I am married and have two children.

2010, as a specialist in hair transplantation and medical aesthetics, I work as a coordinator of hair transplantation in different centers. Since 2017, I started receiving my patients in my own Estetoria clinic.

Istanbul is known for hair transplantation for several years, how do you live it compared to the competition?

Istanbul is known for hair transplantation for several years, Currently, there are more than 600 hair transplant centers at the headquarters in Istanbul. However, the majority of these centers are not legal. The maximum number of clinics in Istanbul is 20. At most 5 of these 20 clinics, have a doctor who performs the operations.

I am personally responsible for Estetoria operations and patient follow-up. Our top priority is that our patients get the results they want, and with the best experience possible.

Hair transplantation is a team effort. The better your team is, the better your results will be. We now carry out our operations with the best and most experienced team in the world. That’s why we have a high patient satisfaction rate of 99%.


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