What is it?

Scar revision operation is an intervention done to minimize a scar and ensure that it is less visible by blending it in with the surrounding skin tone and texture.

Scars are visible marks left after a wound heals. They are inevitable results of an injury or any operation and they may develop to sizes which cannot be anticipated before. It is possible to remove scars which heal late, which are ugly or disturbing. Even a scar which has healed can affect your appearance. Scars can be recognized due to their sizes, shapes or locations. In time they may show color or texture differences compared to healthy tissues.



The treatment applied can vary according to scar type and degree, and includes the following choices:

  • Simple topical treatments
  • Minimal surgical procedures
  • Surgical revision with advanced techniques in scar closure

Revision of the scar provides a better cosmetic result. A badly healed scar cannot be totally removed in some cases, despite being healed. In such cases recovery can be achieved by the treatment applied.

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