What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation requires breast implants or fat transfer, in order to enlarge size of breasts. This procedure can also bring back the breast volume lost after weight loss or pregnancy, provide a more circular breast shape or develop breast size asymmetry.

Breast augmentation is also named augmentation mammoplasty. When fat in another part of the patient’s body is used for forming developed breast volume, this procedure is called fat transfer volume augmentation.

Under Which Conditions Is It Done?

  • When it is required to make breasts more voluminous,
  • When balance of breast and thigh contours has to be adjusted,
  • When you need to regain your image and self-confidence

Conditions When Breast Aesthetics Cannot Be Done

Breast augmentation cannot not fix breasts which are considerably droopy. For droopiness, breast lifting may be required in combination with a breast augmentation procedure.

The breast lifting procedure can generally be done simultaneously with the breast augmentation process, or it may require a separate procedure. Our plastic surgeons will help you in making this decision.

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