This technique allows partial or total repopulation of the related area with a natural and refreshing result.

It covers the areas on which hairs do not come back, after years of repeated epilation. Since eyebrows, beards and mustaches are crucial for framing the face and a achieving a young look, they should not be let shaped according to fashion.

For men, age is also a determining factor which causes reduction and gradual loss of eyebrow, beard and mustache. Especially after the forties, hair loss in the frontal part of the head is accompanied by hair reduction in these areas and transplant may become necessary.

When women ask for intense eyebrows in order to shape their faces and rejuvenate, natural results are achieved using FUE technique which enables growth of all transplanted hair without leaving any scar mark.


How to do the intervention?

The hairs to be transplanted are taken from neck’s lower part where hair shows similar characteristics to these areas (hair in this area is better). Eyebrows have to be transplanted from grafts which are made up of one, or at most two, hair units. In this intervention, growth direction of each hair in the eyebrow should be followed strictly. The growth direction may be different according to the location of the hair. Only by following the growth direction can a natural result be possible following an operation.

For design of eyebrows, beard and mustache, it is crucially important to determine the appearance properly according to the physiology of the patient’s face.

Sometimes patients come with pencil or stencil drawings of the related area done by stylists or make-up specialists. In such cases, the patient should be seen before the operation and he/she should be given information on how the transplant will look.

In the eyebrow area, each eyebrow is transplanted around 200 to 500 hair units and this is usually sufficient to fill the gaps.


After the intervention, the patient can go home and can return back to their daily life by making sure the area treated is protected. Mild inflammation and small encrusted area may be observed however will disappear in 5 to 7 days and is not something to be concerned about.

Results are permanent, and the hair transplanted is resistant to shedding. The rate of hair growth will be faster than normal; therefore it will be normal to cut them from time to time. Within 1 year, eyebrows cease to grow.


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