What is it?

Laser lipolysis is a method commonly used and accepted for eliminating unwanted fat tissue. Since approval of the method by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America (FDA) in October 2006, studies have continued to verify early clinical observations regarding the reduction of fat, shortening of recovery periods and improving skin tightening. It has been discovered during the last five years that laser lipolysis liquefies fatty tissues, coagulates small veins, forms collagenase (an enzyme found in some bacteria and specifically disintegrating collagen) which encourages reshaping and tightening of the tissues.

Despite these findings, some clinicians have been unwilling to accept laser lipolysis due to long procedure periods, increasing risk of adverse reactions and lack of evidence supporting its superiority to traditional liposuction. On the other hand, surgeons already familiar with laser technology are accepting laser lipolysis more enthusiastically as a supporting means to help meet the increasing demand for body shaping and skin tightening methods with minimal surgical procedures.



During treatment, your doctor will mark on your body the areas which will be targeted. Then, your doctor will use an applicator around your body which will adjust to your body and target the proper area. After that, the doctor will ask you to lie down on a bed whilst applicators are attached to your body. The applicators will be fixed on your body area during treatment. Following this, the laser lipolysis machine will be switched on and the procedure will commence.

When the treatment begins, you will feel a cooling affect which helps easing your skin during the treatment. The first four minutes of the treatment is structuring stage.

After a few minutes, as the lasers start to eliminate the cells, you will feel the changing feelings of heat and cooling. This treatment will last 21 minutes until it is completed.

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