Why Nose Remodeling?

Nose remodeling is done under the following conditions:

  • If you are unhappy with the form, size or angle of your nose
  • If your nose is very big, very small or disproportional to the rest of your face
  • If you have respiratory problems due to the shape of your nose
  • If you have nose hump or droopy nose tip
  • If your nose is very high or wide

How is it done?

Our surgeons perform cuts which reach the bones and cartilage after anaesthetizing the area. Open and endonasal techniques are available for performing the cuts.

The size of your nose can be reduced or enhanced; your nose can be shortened or lengthened by adding or removing bone and cartilage and adjusting the support structures in your nose.



Grafts made up of cartilage can be used to reshape the nose tip; and this will raise your nose even more and make it longer, shorter or thinner.

Your skin and other soft tissues will be remodeled so as to get the shape of the underlying structure.

For some patients, tissue filling materials or oil grafts can be added in order to increase the volume in desired areas.

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