Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant is also known as U-FUE. This is a new step in the treatment of hair loss. Unshaven treatment gives the opportunity to effectively fix the frontal line with minimal surgical intervention for the patients who don’t want to shave their hair. With their expert knowledge and profound experiences, our doctors are among those very little who can perform this complex unshaven hair transplant.

As can be understood from its name, the main difference between a normal FUE Hair Transplant Procedure (FUE) and an Unshaven FUE procedure (U-FUE) is that you do not need to shave all your hair. As the shaved donor area is closed with the patient’s own hair, the patient can go back to work the next day without being recognized as having undergone hair transplantation.

traşsız saç ekimi nasıl yapılır
traşsız saç ekimi hakkında bilgi


Like traditional FUE transplant, each hair is taken out from the donor area (traditionally the back and sides of the head). In addition, treatment is much more delicate, and the surgeon has to be very skillful in order to find the healthiest hairs and place them properly. Our doctors have had 10 years of experience to perfect this method and they know how to get the best result.

After the hair root is taken out, there may be mild rashes as in the normal FUE procedure; however the rashes slowly disappear and the existing longer hairs conceals the transplantation.

The new hair line will gradually return within the next 12 months. As hair growth is gradual, nobody will notice the change.

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